Streamline your BIM workflows with our Smart Plant 3D to IFC exporter – the essential tool for accurate and efficient data exchange!

Introducing our revolutionary software designed for the Oil & Gas, Power, and Utility Industries. Our software exports Smart Plant 3D models to IFC files with ease, and now includes a new feature for simplified quantity exports. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate detailed and precise IFC files in just a few clicks, saving you time and increasing productivity.

Our special quantity export feature is perfect for cost estimating and project planning, helping you to streamline your workflow and improve project outcomes. Our software meets industry standards and our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Export specific data your need

With our software, you have the flexibility to export selected systems or filters to IFC by simply choosing the desired node or filter from the user interface. This feature allows for a more efficient and streamlined export process, as you can select only the specific data you need for your project.

Mapping between S3D with IFC Class

Our software provides default Excel configurations for mapping between S3D classes and IFC classes, ensuring a smooth transition between the two. You can also customize these configurations to tailor them to your specific project needs.

Quantity Exporting by Configuration

It allows for quantity exporting by configuration, enabling you to easily map S3D item information to IFC item information. The default configuration provides standard settings, but you can customize the configuration to meet your unique requirements.

Other setting options

S3D DBX to IFC offers a wide range of exporting options, including the ability to select properties through SQL queries or COM, adjust geometry smoothness, apply color based on S3D styles, and customize units of measurement.


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