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New, fast way for deliver intelligent 3D Data to support your efficienty and smart problem solving.

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3D PDF- Intuitive 3D Drawing

No more 2D PDF,  No Misread,  No Error. 

 The ability to view the hierarchy, 3D model properties as well as static and dynamic dimensions to intuitively understand.

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Get the data you need

  • Various Product Manufacturing Information (Dimensions, Labels & Grid) information

  • Dimension and label information based on the ISO14739-1 ISO PRC Standard.

3D PDF Exporters

Intelligent 3D PDF Exporters for Intergraph, AVEVA and Autodesk 

3D PDF Exporter for Intergraph Smart3D

Exports  with Dimensions, Grid, Internal Dimensions, Labels

  • Exports Selected Area

  • Model Tree and Full properties and grid information

3D PDF Exporter for RVM

Convert PDMS/RVM files into 3D PDF/DWF without requiring PDMS software.

  • Export 3D PDFs from RVM file directly without PDMS application

  • Exports Dimensions, TAG labels, properties and dimensions from Grid System

3D PDF Exporter for Revit

Convert 2D sheets and select models into a single powerful 3D PDF for easy sharing. Users can select specific 3D Plan/Room/Objects to be easily overlaid onto the 2D sheet.

  • Export only what you want. Easily select specific plans, rooms, or objects to export.

  • Room numbers or curtain wall tags from the 2D sheets to be linked with the corresponding 3D object.

Smart3D to Navisworks

Our Smart 3D DBX to Navisworks allows you to directly export Intergraph’s SmartPlant 3D geometries and properties without creating vue file. It’s faster and meets all your needs.

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  • Intergraph Smart 3D 
  • Autodesk Revit/NAvisworks/ AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • 3D PDFs
  • ISCO 15926
  • 3D Experience
  • DWFs

3D CAD Conversion Technology

With more than 25 years of experience in various 3D Design Systems, our technology provides various conversion modules to increase interoperability between BIM/Plant design and PLM Systems. We enable you to unleash design data from its heavy application.  Through our technology, your 3D Design data can be fully utilized in all stages of a project.

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