3D Apps Exchange RVM to 3D PDF/DWF

3D APPS® Exchange for PDMS/RVM to 3D PDF/DWF  is a standalone program that converts PDMS/RVM files into 3D PDF/DWF without requiring the installation of PDMS software.

It displays the detailed hierarchy data of a selected RVM file and allows users to choose to convert single and/or multiple items into 3D PDF/DWF.

The resulting 3D PDF/DWF files converted from RVM file(s) contain all the necessary information including object hierarchy, properties, and metadata of 3D model(s) and enables easy sharing to stakeholders for review without the need of additional software.

3D APPS® PDMS RVM to 3D PDF/DWF Exchange can be linked into the PDM/PLM system for batch conversion and/or set for automatic conversion according to the needs of the business or working process.



  • Convert RVM file(s) into 3D PDF/DWF without the installation of PDMS software
  • Display object hierarchy enabling users to select items required to export
  • Export metadata, hierarchy, properties of selected 3D model(s) to 3D PDF/DWF
  • Merge selected models and convert into one single 3D PDF/DWF
  • Convert selected objects into individual 3D PDF/DWF

rvm to 3dpdf


  • Convert RVM file(s) into 3D PDF/DWF without installation of expensive PDMS software
  • Enhance the use of RVM files by converting RVM into 3D PDF/DWF which can be opened and reviewed with free Abode Reader
  • Enable partial data review by selecting items which need to be converted from a RVM file
  • Increase the ease of access for writing technical documents