SPR 3D PDF to Navisworks

Using the 3D APPS® Exchange 3D PDF to Navisworks allows you to convert 3D PDFs from SPR to NWC/DWF effectively utilizing the contents of 3D PDFs.

Our functionality converts all the data contained within the 3D PDF to NWC/DWF file without losing its properties and improving users ability to conduct an effective review process and manage their project plans. Save your company both time and effort while increasing the productivity of your employees.

Traditionally, plant design solutions were often not compatible with other common reviewing software, but with our software, users can enrich the utilization of vital 3D data in Navisworks.


Original 3D PDF(without our technology)

3D PDF file from SPR are not structured well, causing difficulty in the navigation and review of all the data.  However, our unique technology can quickly solve this problem.


Navisworks Result

With 3D Apps Exchange PDF to NWC/DWF, just drag & drop the PDF file into the program window and set the options.

The program will then convert it to NWC file that maintains the organized Model tree and properties.
Also, the program removes duplicated data so the resulting NWC file size is reduced by half.

spr3dpd2NWC result


  • Convert 3D PDF file into .NWC/DWF format
  • Convert original properties contained within 3D PDF into NWC/DWF
  • Rebuild functional object hierarchy according to properties
  • Select one and/or several files to convert just by clicking
  • Select a folder to convert all files at one time



  • Create NWC/DWF files from 3D PDFs that were originally exported from incompatible design software including Smart Plant 3D and unleash your company potential.
  • Enhance the use of 3D data within the universal design review tool, Navisworks or alternatives to increase the ease of use