Smart 3D PDF for Field Installation Work

No more 2D PDF

Intuitive 3D Drawing, No Misread, No Error

Intratech’s Smart 3DPDF exporter creates 3D PDFs for the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and shipbuilding industries. Smart 3D PDF prevents drawing errors and end users misreading the drawings. PDFs of 3D models with dimensions and labels can be read using the free viewer, Adobe Reader when using Intratech software to convert them to PDFs. The ability to view the hierarchy, drawing properties as well as static and dynamic dimensions allows even inexperienced workers to intuitively understand accurate installation information.

Differences between existing 3D PDF softwares


Built-in PMI information in 3D PDF like 2D Style :

  • Sufficient built-in dimensions and labels like 2D ( BOP, ) for EPC/Shipbuilding

  • Dynamic Grid System on 3D PDF for users measuring on the field.

  • Displays the dimensions and labels with the blocks overturned in an irregular state.

Industry-specific custom style support

  • Dimension and label styles according to industry characteristics such as shipbuilding and EPC.

  • Custom Java scripts are provided to meet the needs of field installer.


Reduce efforts for 2D Drawing

In general, 2D drawings are often missing installation information or it is difficult to understand.

By automating dimensions and labels creation in 3D PDF, you can reduce the efforts for add information to 2D.

Accurate and error-free information

3D PDFs with basic installation information (dimensions and labels) enables operators to actively search for accurate information.

This allows the company to significantly reduce management points so no extra drawings are needed for construction workers or installers

Customized information for each installer

Prevents drawings being misread on site which can cause malfunctions that result in large material losses, poor quality and schedule delays.
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ISO standard for 3D formats & Adobe Reader

Outputs are delivered and stored in ISO 14739-1 PRC format, an ISO standard for 3D formats. And it is reviewed with Adobe reader with customized review functions.

ISO Standard! and User friendly Viewer

Improved credibility by providing 3D model information

Provides 3D Models and PMI information in standard format.

Enhances the company’s brand image and improve customer reliability.