3D and Photo based issue tracking system

For BIM,Oil & Gas, Marine  industries

uVue System supports huge 3d model viewing with light 3d viewer and  mobile photo capture app with 2D plan drawing based location info. uVue System can be applied to design review , consturction site work visulization and 3d based facility management or smart building system.

We provides Box.com integration If you have Box account, it’s ready to try. Please Request Trial. 

Also, we can integrate with your in-house storage as on-premises. Please contact us!

Various 3D Model Publishing

uVue system publishes major 3D model to lightweight UFX format to review them in a cloud environment. The 3D format UFX is designed and engineered to review huge model very smoothly. (30% smaller than Navisworks )  It directly export following.

  • SP3D & PDMS
  • Revit/ Navisworks

Issue Tracking & Collaboration

uVue allows user to review the 3D design with full information and allows creating and sharing comment for issue tracking. Shared comments are reviewed by team members in realtime, it helps efficient collaboration.

  • Creating and sharing issues on the fly
  • Issues are exposed as 3D marker
  • Server side Clash Check and Clash Review
  • Share viewpoint and provide real time synchronize moving path of other user.

Cloud Storage Integration

uVue System is integrated to Cloud storage for 3D Content management, user authentication and notification. In case of using box.com,  you can immediately share 3d model and invite others for collaboration. Comments are stored in uVue collaboration server. The general configuration as follows:

  • Cloud storage (e.g: Box.com or customer storage)
    • User Authentication and invitation
    • 3D Content management with versioning
    • Usage and notification
  • Collaboration server (uVue collaboration server)
    • Session manager for realtime collaboration
    • Comment and Annotation register

CAD-like dimension and measuring

UFX file format has Dimpoint (Dimension Point) inside of pipe, duct, steel, equipment component. Dimpoint enables automatic dimensioning just like CAD. With this feature, customer can save expensive CAD license for erection drawing or fabrication drawing.
And also user can get useful measurement data from review model that is not supported in any other 3D viewer.

Location based SmartPhoto ® Integration

Android photo app “Smartphoto®” allows to take location-based-photo at construction field for safety, inspection, progress check purpose. The app requires Floor plan to get the photo location, and the photo has metadata such as comment, caption,voice and smartphone sensor data too. The photos are saved on Cloud storage with metadata, uVue 3D viewer can load “location-based photo” in the model view. The photos taken from field are immediately reviewed in uVue 3D viewer in it’s exact location by team members without delay of information transfer.

UFX Publisher

Exports UFX from 3D Desugb Systems

Intergraph’s SmartPlant 3D


Autodesk Revit & Navisworks

Autodesk Plant 3D

uVue 3D Viewer

Issue tracking on 3D for Collaboration 

Navigate 3D

Create & Review Comment

Collaborate with team members

Smart Photo Review in 3D


Taking Photo in the construction field based on location information by using Floor Plan drawing. Photo, market of the photo in the floor plan and 3D spot of the photo are all linked and reviewed in uVue 3D viewer for collaboration. 

Collaboration Server

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