Global Development Group

Software Development and Outsourcing Service

  • 3D Conversion/Visualization Software Development
  • Offshore Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development

Our Engineers

Skills Junior Senior Technical Architect Grand Total
AI/ML 2 2
Python, OpenCV, C#, TensorFlow, Pytorch 2 2
BA 1 1
Analysis thinking, Documentation skill, Modelling, Problem Solving, Figma, Adobe XD 1 1
Back-end 7 7
Python, Djiango, Linux system, Docker, TensorFlow, Pytorch, OpenCV 2 2
Java  ,  Microservices, C++, Spring, PHP 5 5
C++ 1 3 4
C/C++, Linux, python 1 1
Java, C/C++/C#, Python, Unity, Navigation system, Embedded System 3 3
Design Circuit 1 1
Altium, Allegro. Design 2-4 layer, high-speed 1 1
Front-end 8 2 10
HTML, Javascript, CSS, Angular, Reactjs, PHP 3 3
.net, python, java script 1 1
React Native , Android Native, Android Native 5 1 6
Fullstack 3 6 9
PHP, java, .net, Angular, Vuejs, html, css, js 2 2
iOS, Android, Flutter, Backend, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, C#, Dart, PHP, Linux system 1 1
iOS, Android, Backend, AI React native, c/c++, python 1 1
Java , C++ , Spring Micro Services, C#, Unity,  PhP, System, React Native, React JS , Nodejs , IOS Native , Implementing CI/CD, automation 5 5
Mobile 5 3 8
Android : Java, Kotlin, Socket, BLE, Navigation system, BlackBox device, C# 2 1 3
Android, Flutter :  Java, Kotlin, Dart 2 2
iOS : Objective-C, Swift, C# Swift-UI, BLE, Socket, Navigation system, Blckbox device 1 2 3
QC 2 2
Test, QC Mobile App, Web, Software Empbedded, Window Software 1 1
Test Mobile App, Web 1 1
Technical Architect 4 4
Robot, Automation : Desing 3D machines, implement, 1 1
Java, Python, ReactJS, Angular, JavaScript ,
Message Queue: RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, SQS
RDBMS: Mysql, Postgres, MariaDB
DocumentDB: MongoDB, ArrangoDB, CouchDB
Frameworks & Tools: ELK, Spark, SpringBoot, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Hadoop, Gitlab CI
1 1
Java, Python, ReactJS, Angular, JavaScript
Message Queue: RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, SQS
RDBMS: Mysql, Nosql, Mssql, Postgres, MariaDB
DocumentDB: MongoDB, ArrangoDB, CouchDB
Frameworks & Tools: ELK, Spark, SpringBoot, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Hadoop, Gitlab CI
2 2
Grand Total 31 13 4 48

Project Delivery

YearDevelopment ProjectCustomer
2019Development of Revit/AutoCAD Plug-in for exporting Indoor spaces KOREA INSTITUTE of CIVIL ENGINEERING and BUILDING TECHNOLOGY
2018e-Disaster Monitoring SystemAmore Pacific
20153D Model Comparison SystemSamsung Heavy Industry
2015Cloudworx for Navisworks Development ServiceLeica Geosystems,Inc
20143D Model Review SystemPOSCO Engineering
2014Punch Report Export SystemHyundai Heavy Industry
2014Production Status Monitoring SystemSamsung Heavy Industry
2014Navisworks based Application Development for PLM (Clash Check, Punch Report, Design Progress Checking, Production Status Monitoring)Hyundai Heavy Industry
2014MultiCAD Converter (PDMS/AM,SP3D/SM3D, SPI, SPID, AVEVA P&ID Module) Development for Dassault PLM Project Hyundai Heavy Industry (with Dassault)
2013BOM Extraction in NWD Model DevelopmentHyundai Engineering
20124D/5D Simulation Module Development for BIM & Cost management SystemGS E&C
2012Brava! 7.3 Markup DashboardGS E&C
20113D Model Data Change Management System (Revision Check System)Hyundai Heavy Industry
2010Dynamic Clash Check SystemHyundai Heavy Industry
2010Navisworks based Batch Publishing, Issue Tracking system (NaviPubServer/NaviView/NaviWeb)GS E&C
20103D Web Viewer for e-Learning SystemKorea Hydro & Nuclear Power
20093D Web Portal SystemHyundai Engineering
20083D Design System(PDS.PDMS.SP3D)/3D Model VisualizationHyundai Engineering
2007Drawing Batch Print System with Brava! ViewerDaewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering (DSME)
2007Design Review SystemDaewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering (DSME)
2006Brava! Viewer Integration with EDMSDaewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering (DSME)

Mobile App Development

Project Name
Segment Mobile App Web-Desk top DevelopmentPeriodIndustry
Dara Malle-CommerceO2019Retail & On Demand
Green Farme-CommerceOO2019Agriculture
Kido Retail Management SystemOO2018~2019F&B(Food & Beverage)
Tin Toce-CommerceO2018Retail & On Demand
Z+Online Edutainment platformO2017~2018Education
Arounde-CommerceO2017Retail & On Demand
Willsons Hille-CommerceO2017Furniture
FET Appstorem-CommerceO2015Mobile Content
Appzil CMSO2013Mobile Content