We have released the new version of SP3D DBx to Navisworks.( version 2.2.3)

You can download the installation here for trial, but for activation key, please contact us.

And for trial, please note this for successful exporting.

  1. SP3D DBx to Navisworks extracts catalog data for geometry.
    • So the SP3D client needs to have write permission. ( It does only read and doesn’t write anything in the DB. But it needs write permission to enable SP3D API)
    • Initial extraction takes time. but from 2nd time extraction, it will be faster because it uses cached information.
  2. For successful caching,
    • Please ensure that both the Cache folder and the Output folder are writable.
    • The Cache folder should not be a mapped drive.
    • The Cache folder name should not contain Unicode characters.

And here is the User guide.


Here is the download for S3D DBX to Navisworks

Download “SP3D DBX to Navisworks v.2.2.3- 64bit” SP3D-DBX_v2.2.3.15_x64.exe – Downloaded 357 times – 46 MB

User guide.