Intelligent 3D PDF Exporter for Navisworks

Utilizing our Intelligent 3D PDF® Exporter add-on for Navisworks, users can export selected object(s) into a 3D PDF.  Additional features allow you to include neighboring objects after selecting a object. And you can export clash reports into 3D PDF with all clash information to share clash result. Furthermore, you can combine GA drawings with the model that you specifically select, including properties and hierarchy, while exporting everything into a convenient to use 3D PDF.


Our add-on software provides 4 different useful exporters: Object Exporter / Clash Exporter / GA Exporter/ ISO Exporter

Object Exporter

Export the items you select and even include neighboring objects with a simple click.

Choose just the item(s) you need for a simple export. And customize the settings to include neighboring objects within a customized range to provide additional useful information.

Only selected object exported
Selected object with neighboring exported

 Clash Exporter

Easily find and visualize your clash results without having to use Navisworks. Use our exporter to select the clash results and export them to a 3D PDF with the relevant neighboring objects. Once it is in a PDF file, the clashed items are highlighted for easy visualization.

Additionally, users can even use their own 3D PDF report templates when exporting to customize the information provided.

 GA Drawing Exporter

Create a single, high functionality 3D PDF by combing selected 3D spaces in Navisworks with your GA Drawings.
Furthermore, our software allows you to link your tags from 2D with their corresponding 3D objects, so users can navigate to the right object through simply clicking the tag in the GA drawing.

ISO Drawing Exporter

Simplify the combination of 2D ISO Drawings and 3D Pipelines together in our powerful 3D PDFs.
Just by matching your ISO Drawing file names with the ISO Drawing No/Pipeline No, our technology can automatically link 2D with the 3D. If needed, advanced mapping rules can be configured within the settings to meet your exact needs.



Creating 3D PDF is easier than you think. Just 1-2-3 click, you can create Intelligent 3D PDF on the fly.


Create lightweight 3D PDF by converting selected object(s) only instead of exporting the whole model.


3D PDF can reduce the 2d drafting efforts with embedded 3D view.


TAGs in 2D and objects(space) in 3D are linked.