SP3D DBX to Navisworks NWC 

Conversion technology & custom service for bringing SP3D model into Navisworks.

It exports geometries and properties from SP3D database and then creates NWC file with speed.  No need time consuming .Vue file creation. It saves your time and money by utilizing the SP3D model in navisworks.

  • Fast – Get lightweight Navisworks file right time when you need it
  • Effective – Visualize Space, Grid, Insulation, Maintenance Aspects in Navisworks
  • Selective – Only desired system, filter is exported to Navisworks
  • Visonary – Monitoring the revision of the design with change list report

Selective Export

Options to export Whole model, System or Filter. You just choose the part you want.

Same Hierarchy and properties

After exporting, NWC file maintains the same hierarchy and properties as SP3D design data.  Enable the easy navigation of whole SP3D design data in Navisworks while maintaining optimized data structure.

Visualize Space, Grid, Insulation, Maintenance

1. It exports aspects. Select the Aspects you want to export

2. In Navisworks, append the NWC files. You can review Spaces, Grid, Insulation and Maintenance Aspects.

Visualize status of Smart 3D Data

We provide Appearance Profiles of Navisworks so you can review various status of SP3D model like Approval State, Correlation, Fluid Requirement, Object Type .

Change List since last export

SP3D DBx checks the updates since last export, it creates report for your insights on the updates.  (A- Added, E-EBOM changed, D-Deleted.)

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